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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

Nuffnang in collaboration with DELL is giving away three Inspiron 13's to Nuffnangers who take part in this contest!
So for this n3,I would like to join this contest of coz maaaaaaa ;p
Even my English are so bad and really poor...haha
If Im lucky...
Who knows I can get this laptop
"DELL INSPIRON 13" right???

My Top 5 Treat List :-
1)I'm really want to have my own laptop because currently I'm using my PC which own by my dad's actually.If I have my own laptop "DELL INSPIRON 13",it will be easy for me to carry it everywhere so that I can update my blog at anytime.
2)Seriously I've never been Honeymoon with my Hubby since we are getting married on December'07 due to unstable financial.It doesn't mind where could it be as long we can spend a great Honeymoon together.Hope we can have a Honeymoon on our 2nd Wedding Anniversary end of this year.
3)As Husband and Wife,we hope that one day we can buy our own House.It's not worth to rent a house for the whole life.
4)Shopping for Hubby's&mine wardrobe,make-up,accessories,perfume etc which nowadays we need to budget on it ;}
5)Buying LCD/Plasma TV so that we can enjoy watching TV/DVD at home
If I can add some more ;p
6)Me n my Hubby really want our own baby because we have waiting for a long time to have a good news on it
* But in this situation,only God knows which is the best for our life ;p
Okae guys...Here is Special Coupon to all of you... :)
DELL INSPIRON 13 (S510701MY) with
The Promotion is only available
online/by calling 1800-88-0301
The Coupon code expires on 10th November 2009


  1. wah.. kena buat karangan dalam bahasa inggeris ker ke.. malay takleh...

  2. ntah la kak ina...azie main hentam je pun...cuba nasib...haha... ;p


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